AmiiPad Switch Pro Controller - HD Linear Actuator - All amiibo Features Included

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【Compatibility】AmiiPad controller is compatible with Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

【Amiibo Features】No need amiibo prototype. You’re able to unlock different features by pressing different combination buttons. The controller includes all amiibo characters. Every amiibo feature has its combination button. You can look through the PDF form to find out the amiibo and its corresponding combination button.

【HD Rumble】A normal rumble is basically a tiny motor with an off-center weight. It's pretty much either rumbling or not rumbling. However, The controller comes with HD Rumble which is called Linear Actuator. It vibrates much more precisely at wide range of amplitudes and frequencies. You can feel different vibrations through the game, like the zippers opening, the engine of a motorcycle, the coin sound in Mario Kart....

【Package Includes】Pro Controller, USB-C Cable, User Manual