Amiibo Prototype lists

NOTICE: Please update your AmiiPad to V1.2.1 so that you can use all amiibo

Click here to download update pack V1.2.1

Update Steps:

1. Download the Update Pack on your Windows PC. Extract the Update Pack to the desktop. Then run the BGS31 program.
2. Connect the AmiiPad controller to your PC. It will show "Connect" on the bottom left corner of the program when connected successful.
3. Click "Update All". It will take about 5-10 minutes to update the controller.
4. 5-10 minutes later, click "Cancel" when the program asks "Did you need to save the data you updated?"
6. Press the reset hole on the back of the controller with a small pin, or the controller may get stuck. This small hole must be pressed with a pin.
If you can not run the update program or fail to update. Before you do, make sure you close steam app, cloud app like one drive..Many people get errors with one drive program running in the background. And after update finished. Check if there are any errors in the "Error" column of the update program. amiibo with errors will not work properly. Need to update again.


Click here to download PDF list - Animal Crossing Series 5

Click here to download PDF list - Animal Crossing Series 1- 4

Click here to download PDF list - All Other Games


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