amiibo Updates

Hello everyone. v1.1.9 is now available. The update added new amiibo MIN MIN. Please download it with the link below.
If you find any character missing, please feel free to email us at
If you have the bins for any newly released amiibo, please email us. We will add them to the AmiiPad controller.
If you cannot use an amiibo after updating, check if there are any errors in the "Error" column of the API program. amiibo with errors will not work properly. Need to update again, before you do, make sure you close steam app, cloud app like one drive..Many people get errors with one drive program opened.
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Update Pack for download

Click here to download Update Pack V 1.1.9

Amiibo PDF Lists for download

Click here to download PDF list - Animal Crossing Series 5

Click here to download PDF list - Animal Crossing Series 1- 4

Click here to download PDF list - All Other Games


Youtube Tutorial

Update Steps:

1. Download the Update Pack on your Windows PC. Extract the Update Pack to the desktop. Then run the AP SPI Flash v6.01.exe  program.
2. Connect the AmiiPad controller to your PC. It will show "Connect" on the bottom left corner of the "AP SPI Flash v6.01.exe" when connected successful.
3. Press the following combination of keys: Ctrl+Alt+P
4. Click "Update All". It will take about 5-10 minutes to update the controller.
5. 5-10 minutes later, click "Cancel" when the program asks "Did you need to save the data you updated?"
6. Press the reset hole on the back of the controller with a small pin, or the controller may get stuck. This small hole must be pressed with a pin.