Amiibo Updates

Hello Every One: V1.1.7 is available. Please download in below link. We should have every Amiibo character now.

-If you find any Charater is missing please feel free to email us by

-If you have the bins for any new released Amiibo please email us. We will add them to AmiiPad controller


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Updates: V1.1.7

Update Pack: Download the Update Pack

Update PDF: Download PDF Lists - Sorted by Games/Download PDF list - Animal Crossing New Horizons

-Added Amiibo characters for Metroid Dread.

Update Steps:

1. Download the Update Pack on PC Windows. Extract the Update Pack to desktop

2. Run the "AP SPI Flash v6.01.exe"

3. Connect AmiiPad controller to your PC. It says "Connect" on the bottom left corner of the "AP SPI Flash v6.01.exe"

4. Press combine keys: Ctrl+Alt+P

5. Click "Update All". It takes about 5-10 minutes to update the controller.

6. 5-10 minutes later. Click "cancel" when it shows if save the date or not.

7. Press the reset hole on the back of the controller. Or the controller may get stuck.